I create smart marketing strategies for cool companies focused on improving the world.

I won't build your website, I'm not an agency. I'm an extra brain for your business that's always thinking of ways to generate marketing results.

Here's how...

1) Discovery

We talk about your goals. We do a rigorous audit of every system you have: website, SEO, analytics, emails, and more. Then we figure out what to focus on.

2) Supercharged Strategy

Mindmapping, todo lists, project management. This is where the hardcore computing happens. You'll get a roadmap of your business opportunities and projects to accomplish.

3) Implementation

And now the turn-by-turn directions as your team implements and I guide you along. We do regular check-ins to determine what's working and what's not, and make adjustments along the way.


Things you may be wondering right about now

Who Are You?

Hi, I'm Gedaly. I'm a web marketing enthusiast. I love mindmapping and creating plans that help others achieve success. I have 17 years of web design eperience and 10 years of web marketing. Recent accomplishments include:

  • Managing the launch of a New York Times best-selling book
  • Creating strategy & content for websites that get millions of views
  • Doubled business opt in rates & added thousands of $ to business income
  • Learned a lot

I'm also a writer, filmmaker, and productivity geek. Learn more about me here.

What is a marketing strategy? Why do I need one?

You can drive your car without a destination in mind. But you'll really only be spinning your wheels. If there's somewhere you want to get to, some direction really helps.

Marketing is tough, and the web is making it more complex. There are 2.4 million google searches per minute. There are websites to make, payment systems to use, CRMs to try out, blog articles to write. And you're expected to reach everyone on their phone?

Being able to zoom out and see what's important in your business is more essential than ever. A marketing strategy is the map you need to get where you wanna go.

What is your expertise?

Ever see an agency that says "we specialize in marketing, web design, SEO..." and the list goes on and on? They don't specialize in anything. They just do a lot of stuff. I specialize in strategy.

How? Why? My technical capabilities are varied. I have been focused on being a jack-of-all-trades. I have built websites, written copy, done email marketing, reported with analytics, shot & edited video, built ecommerce systems, and more. My one real talent is being able to synthesize a lot of information, and see how things fit together. I'm always seeing forest, I also understand how each tree works.

If you're wondering about which trees I know best: web design, content marketing, search engine optimization.

Will You build my website?

No. I can audit your current site and tell you improvements to make. Or recommend designers & developers that will make you a beautiful site. Or I can even work with your current design team to make sure you build the best possible site.

How can I work with you?

You will need...

  1. a business with regular income. My consulting packages start at $2,500/mo.
  2. the ability to implement what I suggest. You need a team, or the resources to hire one.
  3. a success-focused mindset as well as the patience to know that big wins can take time.
Got all those? Send me a message.

Nice things real people have said

"Gedaly is one of the best humans, a content marketing genius, analytics ninja, and actual ninja. Gedaly is the person I talk to when I don't know things. Which happens a lot. He knows everything." - ML @ Elephant Creative Studio